[Osmf-talk] changeover date of account locking

Sam Vekemans acrosscanadatrails at gmail.com
Thu Sep 2 20:40:33 UTC 2010


It appears that the overall community is not given a choice,


  PHASE 2 - Existing Contributor Voluntary Re-licensing (started 10th
August 2010)

    * Existing contributor voluntary agreement begins. Website page
http://openstreetmap.org/user/terms to allow users to voluntarily
agree to new license. Design allows you to click yes, 'Accept', only.

    * At this point, there will be NO license switch over and NO data
will be removed from the live database.

    * Large data imports where permission has been given previously
(AND, GeoBase etc) are asked formally to agree to release their data
under the ODbL. (informal communications ongoing lead up to this point
led by the working group and the groups/individuals who worked on the
imports). 16 June 2010: A Bulk Importers support page goes up.

    * People who have made zero edits are notified on login of new
contribution terms and are required to accept. (Expected to go live

    * Five weeks after the start of voluntary agreement, the License
Working Group will meet to assess the total number of voluntary
Accepts and the potential coverage of the OpenStreetMap databaase by
ODbL. If large, the mandatory phase will begin. If small, the
voluntary phase will be extended for up to 5 weeks.


So 5 weeks makes it September 14th the LWG will meet.
... if its large .. (ie most existing contributors agree) ... and all
newbies are added in the the count
... if it small .. (ie. .. not alot of existing contributors agree)
... and all newbies are added the count. extended until october 19th.
... betting on the odds that more newbies will out-number the existing
contributors based on growth

OK cool, so im going to assume that the number is large. Then after
september 14th anyone who refuses to agree can still contribue
"If you, click "Decline", you will still be able to continue editing
until Phase 4"

5 weeks (min) would be oct 19th . ... where it wont be possable to edit

  PHASE 4 - CC-BY-SA edits no longer accepted. (Phase 3 + 8 weeks
subject to critical mass)

    * Final cut-off. Community Question... What do we do with the
people who have Declined or not responded? Their contributions would
not be available under the future ODbL version of the database.

    * We do not yet have a firm timeline for the end of this one.
Start of technical work to publish the first ODbL-only database.


Because the Foundation has NOT decided to start the technical work to
publish the first ODbL-only database, since it is OBVIOUS that
Australian data will be removed, alog with a (literally) untold amount
of data.   And IMO it is most logical to create a new database. ..
this way you can be %100 certain that all data in this database has
foundation approval.

So thats fine, I asked, you answered :)

October 19th should be enough time to organize the method of how to
sort out the final planet.osm file so all the 'rejects' will be able
to be safely stored on another database, getting direct user consent
to make the change-over.   (Of course, since 'forking' is not
permitted. ... and this makes sense)

So the new databases which start out as empty will be able to accept
new voluntary data, as each user is permitted to copy their own data
(from the final planet.osm file) Since they are the ones who created

So my followup question is this.
"Are users permitted to allow the copying of their edits (that they
consider public domain) into another database?"
Or would that be considered 'spooning' which the Foundation considers
'Forking', which is fine also.    And that would just mean that any
contributor who wants to work on another database needs to copy in
their own GPS tracks and re-do the work, in a new database.

Similar to how if you want to change physical mailing addresses, and
dont want to pay the post office to re-direct your mail.  You need to
call up every company that send you mail to change the address
manually.  And afterall... you need to still call up the companies
directly, since everyone has a different system.


On Thu, Sep 2, 2010 at 12:22 PM, Richard Weait <richard at weait.com> wrote:
> On Thu, Sep 2, 2010 at 10:47 AM, Sam Vekemans
> <acrosscanadatrails at gmail.com> wrote:
>> hi,
>> im just wondering when the changeover date is
> Dear Sam,
> It's hard to say when the cut-over date will be for a couple of
> reasons.  i'm speaking for myself, based on my reading of the
> implementation plan[1].  Others are welcome to jump in with their
> perspective as well.
> Given that the Implementation plan looks like:
> Today
> - possibly five more weeks of Phase 2
> - five or ten weeks of Phase 3
> - eight weeks of Phase 4
> - Technical work required for cut-over (time period unknown)
> - cut over.
> So it looks like 18 to 23 weeks, plus some time for the technical
> work.  So, six months at least, based on the Implementation plan.
> Best regards,
> Richard
> [1] http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Open_Database_License/Implementation_Plan

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