[Osmf-talk] changeover date of account locking

Klaus Ga├čner k_gassner at web.de
Thu Sep 2 21:37:16 UTC 2010


Am 02.09.2010 22:40, schrieb Sam Vekemans:
 > And IMO it is most logical to create a new database. ..
> this way you can be %100 certain that all data in this database has
> foundation approval.

I think that your idea of a new db is technically impossible. The data 
is interconnected and has multidirectional dependencies. You can't just 
copy it to another db piecemeal, that would destroy the connections or 
leave undefined dependecies.

> So the new databases which start out as empty will be able to accept
> new voluntary data, as each user is permitted to copy their own data
> (from the final planet.osm file) Since they are the ones who created
> it.

Likewise, you can't expect users to port their data. It is impossible as 
the data is interdependent - and even if possible it would be an 
incredible amount of tedious work. You'll have to take over the data in 
one chunk, preserving the integrity. Removing part of the data without 
causing undue damage will be tricky enough.


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