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Milo van der Linden milo at dogodigi.net
Thu Aug 11 20:14:14 UTC 2011

I agree with the fact that a  working group lead should be the primary
interface to the board, but why introduce a new layer in the "chain of
command"? It will only require more meetings, more spare time of the
same group of people. A management team will generate more overhead
then necessary. I would prefer "on demand"  meetings between working
group leaders that would, as with the working groups, simply be open
in communication and accessible for others to eavedrop.

I think more hierarchy would be bad. It slows things down by
introducing chains of approval..

I would suggest to give the working group leaders the authority to
make decisions within their domain. This would be a sign of trust from
the board to the working groups, a legit sign given the fact that all
these volunteers only have one similar goal: To make the OSMF a kick
ass foundation.

Is it a problem for working group leaders to contact each other on
more general topics? Do they really need the board as intermediar?
Personally I wouldn' t ,

I like the structure the OSMF has now. Although communications could
be improved (more open, more decisions instead of meeting just to

Introducing a management team scares me. It sounds hierarchic. It
sounds if some people will try to become "more important" than others.
It sounds like traditional company structure, I think it doesn't fit

My 2 cents.

Kind regards,


2011/8/11 Henk Hoff <toffehoff at gmail.com>:
> Hello all,
> I've just send the following message to the OSMF-talk mailing list. If you
> want to discuss this, the osmf-talk mailing list would be the proper place.
> ---
> Hello all,
> I'd like to inform you about an organizational change within the OSM
> Foundation the Board has decided on.
> In their last face-2-face meeting, the Board has (amongst others)
> discussed what their current role in the Foundation is and what it
> should be. During that discussion the board realized much of their
> time was taken by day-to-day trouble-shooting issues, rather than
> dealing with strategic decision-making subjects.
> This let to a decision to separate the day-to-day business from the
> decision-making process. A new Management Team will be placed between
> the Working Groups and the Board. It wil function as a coordinator
> between Working Groups. Handling things that involve multiple Working
> Groups, but also identify the need for new Working Groups.
> The Board is still ultimately responsible. It will delegate some task
> to the Management Team. However, all major issues needs approval by
> the Board.
> The Management Team is formed by the chairs of the Working Groups and
> the officers of the Board. Although there have already been some
> meetings of the Management Team, the Board and the Management Team are
> still working on the right procedures.
> The Board feels this organizational change will help the ever growing
> Foundation function better.
> You can find the minutes of the Management Team on the OSMF website:
> http://www.osmfoundation.org/wiki/Management_Team
> Hope to see you all at State of the Map!
> Happy mapping.
> Henk Hoff
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