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Alessandro Fanna alex at rospus.org
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Il 25/08/2011 09:52, Frederik Ramm ha scritto:
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> Call me a cynic, but from my (limited) experience with other not-for-profits and I tend to thinkg that the amount of fear, hate, mistrust, and general bad karma is proportional to the size and budget of the organisation.
> If we manage to keep OSMF small and relatively unimportant, then we'll avoid problems like those. If we aim at 10k members, a yearly budget in the six figures, and full-time staff, then we *will* have these problems too.
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> Frederik

Hi all,

This is my first post, so I hope not being out of place with my comments.

Basically I'm on the same wavelength with Frederik (cynic #2 ;-).
I red all the posts and agree that OSMF has a takeover risk and that we can't do very much about it.
Hard (and transparent) decisions like the one we are discussing about are temporary solutions of People acting in good faith. I trust them, but maybe something has to be done in order to lock down OSMF principles and future.
I'm not a lawyer and I know OSMF is not a corporation, but maybe studying some sort of "Poison Pill" in order discourage hostile takeovers can be a direction worth giving a look.
Last thing, something that happened few months ago here in Italy that sounds like a word to the wise: a hostile takeover of CIFA, a NPO (non-profit organization) for children adoption (sorry, it's only in italian).


Alessandro Fanna

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