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Alessandro Fanna alex at rospus.org
Fri Aug 26 10:31:59 UTC 2011

Il 25/08/2011 13:29, Oliver Kühn ha scritto:
> Hi,
> there are few statements going around that I really don't like.
> Misused voting power and hostile takeovers as described in the recent mail by Alessandro needs to be avoided. This is why Henk a co are leading the initiative to adjust the Article of Association. Everybody seems to need to make statements here but there are just three people working on a regular basis meeting to improve the AoA.
> Dear members, stop commenting and giving advice that will vanish in the air. Go and become an active working group member to improve things on a lasting basis!
> Large organizations are not evil per se! There are large organizations out there that are admired by many, many people while other large organization are just known for the misuse of power or bureaucracy.
> Dear members, stop making generalisations such as large is evil. Go and apply for a board seat or become an active member of a working group and make the OpenStreetMap Foundation an organization that you are proud of! Lead the discussions to make the trade-offs that are appropriate for the specifics of the OpenStreetMap Foundation.
> Dear members, if you have the impression that you know better than then please become active yourself and stop complaining as an outsider!
> I am looking forward to see many of you talented guys on the candidates list for the open board vacancies or as new members of the working groups.
> Best regards,
> Oliver

Sorry Oliver, I didn't (intentionally) ment to be superficial with my message. But probably you're right.
I just added my name to all those members that have a project dear but aren't enough involved to partecipate actively (in my case I just map intermittently and do some proselytism locally whenever I can).

So, with your post you motivated me to take a step forward even if my time is very limited: I see that the Local Chapter in Italy hasn't been defined in the Wiki, so I'll contact our Simone Cortesi and Niccolò Rigacci in order to see if I can be helpful with a local NFP that is asking me to join the management committee as IT expert to promote the territory.

Anyway, I believe it's a good thing that so many People wanted to share their opinion about the topic, even if their advice "will vanish in the air". ;-)

Best Regards

Alessandro Fanna
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