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ce-test, qualified testing bv - Gert Gremmen g.gremmen at cetest.nl
Wed Dec 21 10:45:32 UTC 2011

look at 


to see how to combine map with content !
at the upper right corner it says "toon kaart"  = show map


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Van: Volker Schmidt [mailto:voschix at gmail.com] 
Verzonden: Wednesday, December 21, 2011 10:15 AM
Aan: Christian Rogel
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Onderwerp: Re: [Osmf-talk] design

Keep the logo - another change after such a short time serves no
purpose and only invalidates not only merchandise but also other
material like posters (which we take to events) and files like slides
or pdf files that use graphics.

In my view the map should remain on the home page. After all OSM is
The Free Map of the World. This does not prevent from re-organising
the site in other ways, in particular I would like to see links to
directly usable routing sites for different user classes, like car
users, cyclists, hiking.

Volker (cyclist, Italy)

On 20/12/2011, Christian Rogel <christian.rogel at club-internet.fr> wrote:
> Le 20 déc. 2011 à 01:14, Michael Kugelmann a écrit :
>> * From my point of view we don't need a new logo. The old logo is fine.
>> What should a new one be fine for?
>> * A lot of persons know it and identify OSM with the current logo. A
>> change would confuse them.
>> * One thesis: "no future w/o history". So the people need something they
>> can identify with OSM and which does not change all few days! People want
>> stability.
>> * And any change really needs to be discussed with the whole community, no
>> singe person decision!
> Very well expressed.
> Assuming the actual logo could be inefficient, a new one, after being
> changed so recently, would be seen as proof of the instability and of the
> childish state of OSM.
> We must keep this one for a while, after achieving to be a mass movement,
> maybe. ;-)
> Christian Rogel
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