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Norbert Kück osm at nk-bre.net
Sat Dec 24 13:53:37 UTC 2011

What is important? A well-working machine and good data, but nice 

am 24.12.2011 14:04 schrieb Volker Schmidt:
> Even though I am a newcomer to OSM and more recently to the OSMF I
> would like to formally lodge my opinion on the logo business. I
> strongly suggest that the logo remain unchanged. For one the existing
> logo is not that bad, but more importantly, this logo is widely used
> in various documents, web presences, merchandise, posters, pamphlets
> ecc. The present logo is also fortunately no much different from its
> predecessor, which is still widely used as well..
> I would second the remark by Michael Kugelmann, that we need to
> concentrate our forces on more important issues. Apart from the
> obvious work related to handling the license change, I also see a
> strong need to re-activate the OSM community and involve the newcomers
> in a concentrated effort to improve the cover in those countnries
> where it is very uneven (like in Italy, where I am based).
> Merry Christmas to everybody
> Volker
> Volker Schmidt (Padova, Italy)
> On 24/12/2011, Michael Kugelmann<MichaelK_OSM at gmx.de>  wrote:
>> Hello Steve,
>> open letter to you (CC to OSMF.talk)
>>> I've culled down the several hundred entries down to the 10 you're allowed
>>> to put in a vote (you can do multiple votes).
>> [...]
>> I respect very much what you have done and achieved for OSM. But for me
>> this action seems to be against all rationality and I ask myself whether
>> this is a selfish trail you on: there are lots of comments that there is
>> no need for a new logo. Please listen to the feedback that was given by
>> a lot of persons in different mailing lists. And there is one unfinished
>> issue that is blocking most at the moment: the unfinished licence
>> change. We all should concentrate on that and join all available forces
>> for it.
>> One last comment: why don't you take the lessons learned and the slap in
>> the face from the last logo change you invented just a few months ago?
>> Merry christmas although,
>> Michael.
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