[Osmf-talk] Election

Ed Loach ed at loach.me.uk
Tue Sep 13 07:54:44 UTC 2011

Richard wrote:

> I wish to thank all of the candidates who stood for election to
> board this year.

+1 - I struggled to choose only 4 from the number I wanted to vote
> Some statistics from the OSMF 2011 board election.
> 107 ballots were cast in advance, by proxy.
> 31 ballots were cast in-person at AGM.
> 3 ballots were invalid: one ballot was from an ineligible voter;
> proxy ballots were late.
> Of the 135 valid ballots, 522 votes were cast for candidates.
> 123 ballots listed four of a possible four candidates
> 7 ballots listed three of a possible four candidates
> 4 ballots listed two of a possible four candidates
> 1 ballot listed one of a possible four candidates

Do we know what the potential electorate was (i.e. how many members
the OSMF had at the time of the AGM)? I'm mildly curious about the


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