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Good thoughts and I'd like to +1 the comments that point to the importance of making targeted interventions for critical things that the community doesn't seem to b able to solve. 

To add to the discussion:
As commented some time ago to talk at osm I think that other than usability, etc issues it's a major deterrent for newcomers that try to add something on the map and don't end up seeing it.

The two main reasons for this are:
* too dense data (that makes Mapnik/most renderings not show at least part of the data) and
* renderings that try(?) to show all general data but don't. .. Eg. Mapnik doesn't show even all tags listed in the Key(?) wiki page that lists (one would suppose) all "accepted tags"

To tackle this simple but broadly impacting problem I'd want to see z19 (or even z20) for the standard Mapnik rendering in areas where the map is dense (which could b defined either manually (metropolitan areas, etc) or through some algorithm -- if rendering resources would be the the impeding factor.

I'd also love to see as commented before all tags listed in the Key(?)page to be rendered (at least at z19/20) -- and this page would make sense to also include all "approved" tags, which I think it doesn't currently do (or at least the other way around: eg amenity=swingerclub or something along these lines was added to the Key page some time ago and didn't even have its own page.)

The thing is obviously that if for starters you map something that you think is general stuff (like offices, etc) that don't end up showing on the map then what's the incentive to continue?

Just my two cents from Haiti,

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