[Osmf-talk] Question to board members

Rich richlv at nakts.net
Thu Aug 23 19:13:18 UTC 2012

On 2012-08-23 21:48, Frederik Ramm wrote:
> Jaakko,
> On Thu, 23 Aug 2012 18:19:01 +0000
> "Jaakko Helleranta.com" <jaakko at helleranta.com> wrote:
>> The thing is obviously that if for starters you map something that
>> you think is general stuff (like offices, etc) that don't end up
>> showing on the map then what's the incentive to continue?
> I think it would be a mistake to send the message "what's not on the
> map is not worth mapping". There are many things we map that cannot
> conceivably be shown on the map - even if you go to z20 you cannot show
> opening hours and wheelchair accessibility and the web site of every
> business you show.

we don't send a message like that, it's just human nature - no reward, 
no motivation. we all want our work when mapping to show up. i have 
personally done slight bending of the tags for the renderer like adding 
name= in addition to ref=...

in a similar manner i have every now and then not mapped things i know 
won't show up. very often it's offices, as i decide that my time is 
better spent mapping things that do show up like housenumbers.

then it's also about showing users (potential contributors) what's in 
the map. when people look at a map and don't see the information they 
see on gmaps, they go back. when businesses look at osm and don't see 
themselves or other businesses, they stop considering osm.

personally, i'd love to see komzpa's kothic-js on osm.org - with 
switchable objects, style editor etc. overview mode where one could show 
particular shops when zoomed out. infinite zoom, clickable objects to 
show opening hours, wheelchair access etc...
and we'd get to be the first, making commercial maps follow the trend :)

but that's an offtopic for this thread and i don't code, so i'll shut up 
now :)

> OSM is much more than just a map.

but osm without [useful and used] map is no more

> Bye
> Frederik

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