[Osmf-talk] OSMF membership applications rejected

Oliver Kühn oliver.kuehn at skobbler.com
Sat Aug 25 13:40:39 UTC 2012


honesty I think it is a very big mistake to accept trolls and cracy people (at least at the limit to legality in their statements) in the (local) community as this is holding new (or less involved) people back from  becoming (more) active. Your mail reads a bit like an excuse or protection for Edwin. I think there should be zero tolerance for Nazi-like statements rather than "shrugging away".


Am 25.08.2012 um 15:16 schrieb Frederik Ramm <frederik at remote.org>:

> Hi,
> On 25.08.2012 14:19, Henk Hoff wrote:
>> I (in the position of membership secretary) have received (amongst
>> others) a membership application from "Edwin-ldbg" and "Mike Dupont".
>> Next to the application, I've also receive a membership payment by
>> somebody else in favor of the two applications.
>> I've discussed these applications with the Board. As a result the Board
>> rejected both membership applications
> [...]
> Just to provide a little background on edwin-ldbg for those who are not 
> at home in the German forum. Edwin is a bona fide mapper who has 
> contributed good data over a long time, but his behaviour in the forum 
> is pure trolling. People who know him shrug and smile - he's the forum 
> clown for those who follow. But those who are new, or encounter his 
> posts through a search engine, will often get the impression that this 
> project is full of Nazis who can call for German world domination 
> without anyone even caring, but most forum regulars seem to view him as 
> harmless.
> His "manifesto" on the Election wiki page therefore is fully "in 
> character", and if viewed with the right portion of humour can be 
> shrugged away - but I think it is very bad taste.
> My estimate is that Edwin has a somewhat sick sense of humour and wrote 
> his manifesto, just as last year, as a joke. The fact that someone 
> *else* offers to pay his membership fee so that he can actually stand 
> for election is a little troubling - we don't know if those who want to 
> push Edwin into the limelight just have the same sick sense of humour, 
> of if they are proper Nazis who really believe what Edwin writes.
> I don't want to comment on whether or not it was the right decision to 
> deny membership to Edwin; I just wanted to provide a little background.
> Bye
> Frederik
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