[Osmf-talk] OSMF membership applications rejected

Christian Rogel christian.rogel at club-internet.fr
Tue Aug 28 13:28:48 UTC 2012

As a member of OSMF, I wish to bring a few arguments in this debate :

- Reject a candidate who neglected to pay his entrance fee is quite justified and he cannot be surprised for that
- He must explain (privately to the Board) why he did not so
- If the response is not satisfying (depending of allegations made), the Board has the right to reject it
- Il he allegates money troubles, the Board can reject it on the ground of having not asked for an help in due times,
i.e, days before the call for elections starts
- Financial help from any person comes too late during electoral time
- Making a difference between "legal" opposition to Board policy and offensive and defaming attitude will be made easier, if 
the case of defamation is defined, first by clear examples, second by introducing it in the Foundation rules. 
- However, I support that every personal decision made by an official body must have two steps further :
 1 a call for reconsidering made by the person himself by producing a short memoir
 2 a decision, positive or negative, fully and openly explained, all private data to be left aside

So, I encourage the Foundation for adding some regulations on this ground.

Christian Rogel
OSMF member

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