[Osmf-talk] OKFestival: somebody of the osm foundation will go with a presentation?

Pekka Sarkola pekka.sarkola at gispo.fi
Tue Jul 17 07:07:40 UTC 2012

Maurizio, Andrew and others,

I'm guilty as charged for empty web pages in OKFestival. I got access to web
pages... yesterday. So maybe there will be some content soon ;-)

There are plenty Geodata and OSM related presentations in OKFestival. I'm
responsible to organize this Open Geodata stream together with Petri Kola.
We're trying to make this Geodata stream as "virtual stream". I didn't like
the idea that all GIS nerds (like me, Maurizio, Andrew and others) will join
in one separated meeting and we told to each other that what is happening in
OSM, OSGEO etc. There are SOTM and FOSS4G for GeoNerds. 

So, it will be more valuable if all Geodata related presentations will be
inside other streams in OKFestival. So, now we have presentations about GIS
analysis and map data sources inside Datajournalism and Visualisation
stream. And Cartography presentation inside Visualizing Knowledge -seminar
(one of pre-meetings of OKFestival). We are still working with this virtual

However, currently we are planning to have only two sessions dedicated for
"Geodata" in OKFestival. First one will be "Lightning talks about geodata
and related stuff". And second one will be mini-OSM-Mapping-party (on
Friday). Those OSM activists who are coming to OKFestival are most welcome
to help organize this mapping party on Friday. We can have also
geoglobaldominationmeetup during the conference.

If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to ask here or
directly via opengeodata at okfestival.org.



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Hi to all,
i'm sure that some people of this mailing list know this event.
OKFestival is the merge of two events-conferences (open government data camp
and open knowledge conference) created by open knowledge foundation.
I'll go to the festival because i'm also involved with the Open Knowledge
Foundation (i'm one of the official 'spokesman' for Italy) I know that the
event is after the State of the Map conference but, i think, can be very
strategic if the osm foundation can be present during the festival and with
some presentations.

OpenStreetMap is one of the  best example of open data, a lot of goverments
look at us.
In some cases they are more happy to open the data for openstreetmap.
Open Knowlege Foundation, and the related activities is one of the best
references for the topic in open data and knowledge.
This event in Finland sounds like a good marriage :)

The Open Geo Data session is empty

17-22 September 2012
Helsink, Finland

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