[Osmf-talk] Travel expenses for OSMF officials (to SOTM, mainly)

Henk Hoff henk.hoff at osmfoundation.org
Mon May 14 13:50:33 UTC 2012

I did not say there will be a resolution for the membership to vote on
about travel expenses of the board. This decision (on having expenses
reimbursed) is within the mandate of the Board (as stated in our
Articles of Association) it does not need separate approval by

I did give you some information on how the Board is has handled this
issue so far. We are not on a spending spree when it comes to travel
or other personal expenses of board members.
Again, the board does appreciate that the membership considers it
appropriate to have travel costs reimbursed when board members have to
travel on behalf of the Foundation.

The current policy on expense claims can be found here:


2012/5/14 Tom Chance <tom at acrewoods.net>:
> Thank you, Henk.
> Do we have a mechanism whereby the membership can (after debate) vote on
> resolutions, such as to agree that Board members' basic expenses are covered
> in travelling to these meetings?
> I don't want everyone to get bogged down with endless resolutions, but as
> you suggested it should be the community (membership?) that decides we will
> need a way to do so that is more efficient than a long email thread of "+1"
> and "I object" messages.
> Regards,
> Tom
> On 14 May 2012 12:56, Henk Hoff <henk.hoff at osmfoundation.org> wrote:
>> In case some people would get another impression:
>> There has been 1 face-to-face meeting last november since this board
>> took office in september. During this face-2-face the meeting lasted 2
>> full days.
>> All other board meetings where held via phone and discussions outside
>> meetings have been handled via e-mail.
>> Asking the question whether Board should meet face-to-face around
>> SotM, or that it could be handled remotely is asking the question
>> whether board should meet face-2-face at all (even only once a year).
>> Combining a face-to-face board meeting with the leading OSM event of
>> the year, saves time, money and the environment, since board members
>> only have to travel once.
>> Henk,
>> Secretary
>> 2012/5/14 Tom Chance <tom at acrewoods.net>:
>> > It's jolly nice, of course, to fly around the world to meet people
>> > face-to-face. But it's financially and environmentally costly. So is it
>> > possible for Board members to participate in any important Board
>> > meetings at
>> > SOTM remotely?
>> >
>> > I would like this option to be explored before we agree for OSMF funds
>> > to be
>> > used to subsidise board member trips.
>> >
>> > Regards,
>> > Tom
>> >

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