[Osmf-talk] Proceedings from Face-to-Face Board Meeting

Frederik Ramm frederik at remote.org
Mon Nov 12 13:42:50 UTC 2012


On 11/12/2012 02:27 PM, Serge Wroclawski wrote:
> It should seem this is a major organizational shift

I don't think it is.

Firstly, your idea that neither help.osm.org nor mailing lists nor tile 
servers do anything towards the goals listed in the mission statement 
seems outlandish to me. Surely we cannot expect humans to maintain the 
map if they don't communicate? Surely a tile server is a good way of 
"making OSM available to all"?

Secondly, and this is explicitly written in the mission statement and 
the minutes but I'll repeat it again - the concrete list of items is not 
meant to be an exhaustive "anything not on this list will be switched 
off tomorrow" kind of list.

In short, there's absolutely no reason to be upset about anything.


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