[Osmf-talk] Proceedings from Face-to-Face Board Meeting

Frederik Ramm frederik at remote.org
Mon Nov 12 15:24:03 UTC 2012


    thank you for your comments. They sound reasonable and I'll take 
them up for discussion on the board list.

> 6.4 - by "a tally of votes" do you mean just a total for vs against,
> or a full record of which board member voted in which manner? If it's
> just numerical results, will the actual voting be recorded elsewhere?

My original draft used the words "who voted for what" but in the meeting 
we decided to replace that by a simple count of votes because some of us 
felt uncomfortable with full details being published by default.

We did however say that board members who wish to make their vote public 
can do so via the minutes, so that in the - hopefully rare - case of 
controversial decisions those who were overruled can have their 
"minority opinion" minuted if they so desire.


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