[Osmf-talk] a receding opportunity

Harry Wood mail at harrywood.co.uk
Mon Oct 1 13:00:02 UTC 2012

Yes. I think we should probably have a blog post about the apple maps situation. Maybe it's treating apple specially, but hopefully we can present a blog post as just a bit of important interesting relevant news, rather than a ***Statement from the OSMF***  (although obviously all OSMF blog posts *are* statements from the OSMF)  We can tread that line. We've done it before.

This is the kind of thing we *are doing* in the Communications Working Group. We only meet once a week... (only?!!)  These things don't happen by magic. We probably would've discussed it last week, but we were waylaid by discussing MapBox's grant instead. But CWG meets again today, in 7 hours time.

But actually our most powerful PR machine is the OpenStreetMap community. People leaving comments on tech articles pointing people and OpenStreetMap and presenting things from an OpenStreetMap point of view.  That actually doesn't happen as much as it could. I'd like to find ways to encourage OSMers to break out of OSM echo-chambres and tell the rest of the world about OSM.  In this case I've personally done a fair bit of "sprinkling comments",  as describe on my diary entry here...


Also lower down note some other calls to action. We need to sort out documentation on iOS apps and iOS development. We did actually put out a timely tweet on this news: https://twitter.com/openstreetmap/status/248759285801185281   but this has limited impact because the list of apps is confusing. That's a whole other area of this "receding opportunity" which is probably more significant than missing a blog post.


> But we haven't been able to do anything. OSMF does not move
> pro-actively, in the media, with data users. We're essentially a
> reactive organization, and that is costing us a substantial opportunity
> right now.
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