[Osmf-talk] Board Cohesion/Confidentiality

Frederik Ramm frederik at remote.org
Fri Oct 5 13:10:21 UTC 2012


On 10/05/2012 01:11 PM, Henk Hoff wrote:
> So tell me: why are you venting your personal frustrations out in the
> open instead of discussing this within board first?

I'm not venting frustration. I'm planning to address all the issues that 
I mentioned in my blog post on the board as well. More specifically, I 
plan to suggest to board that we adopt a set of rules that govern how we 
work (just like I said at the bottom of the blog post).

This is something that takes a little time. It is easy to say "I think 
that board should strike the right balance between confidentiality and 
transparency", and harder to actually come up with a concrete set of 
rules that might work.


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