[Osmf-talk] Board Cohesion/Confidentiality

Simon Poole simon at poole.ch
Sat Oct 6 08:38:16 UTC 2012

I believe we all know that we have a larger community, a OSMF membership
and a board that is split over a great many issues and I don't think
simply ignoring the issues and putting on a show we help us to resolve
any of them. I believe that airing your thoughts on some of the
strategic issues and getting feedback from the community is completely
reasonable for board members as long as it doesn't degenerate to
wholesale mudslinging.

On some of the issues the positions are quite close, for example on
confidentiality, we just need to codify our policy. On others, for
example how proactive the OSMF should be on various matters, we are
quite far apart. I would even argue that we haven't had enough public
debate on some of the strategic questions and that is one of the reasons
for the current tensions. Lacking a parliament or similar institution,
it is just natural for these debates to take place on the mailing lists,
I would just ask everybody to remain civil and refrain from personal


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