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Good poll

I chose the "more fine-grained answer".

In super short, I think another related organization might be best to work with corporate users and contributors, and that organization could relate to OSMF through the local chapters mechanism (which I think should support not only geographic chapters, but topical chapters). This is similarly to how HOT works with the humanitarian world. It gears OSMF towards a more federated governance model, where the key thing becomes how the Foundation and the Chapters relate. It could help increase participation and voice of the OSM community, by establishing a number of more organized channels for expression of membership voices.
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>   in the coming years, the OSMF will re-work their articles of association which are currently very old fashioned and geared more towards a British manufacturing firm than towards an international mass membership nonprofit (FSVO "mass").
>This is going to be a long-ish process in which all of you will have a chance to participate. (If this sounds like the process was laid out already - rest assured not even that is the case. I just know it is going to be long, and it would be stupid not to allow everyone to participiate.)
>But there's one thing that I would like to get a quick straw poll on, from as many OSMers as possible: Would you like or dislike the OSMF to accept corporate members?
>Corporate membership is a complex topic; there are myriad models of how it could be handled and this is certainly a discussion we are going to have in the future.
>But for now, without further ado, would you be willing to record your opinion in this little poll I've made?
>The question is: "Should companies be accepted as members of the OpenStreetMap Foundation?" and the four options are
>* No, only real people should be members.
>* Yes, just like real people.
>* Yes, as "supporting members" without voting rights.
>* The poll needs to be more fine-grained than this.
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