[Osmf-talk] ODbL switchover at SOTM, bad idea

Paul Norman penorman at mac.com
Sun Sep 2 01:35:09 UTC 2012

> From: Kai Krueger [mailto:kakrueger at gmail.com]
> If it is "only" a question of how data consumers have to deal with the
> transition, then that can be solved by dual licensing the planet and
> diffs both ODbL and CC-BY-SA for X weeks. That way those data consumers
> who were e.g. already ready on the 1st April with their transition
> strategy and legal review can use the ODbL straight away. While those
> data consumers who don't start planning until the day of transitioning
> still have enough time to figure out what their new legal obligations
> are and gracefully transition to them.
> Imho there is no need to put unnecessary burden on data consumers by
> having a hard cut over. If there is a delay anyway to wait for data
> consumers to get their act together (which is not unreasonable), it
> might as well be a dual licensed "delay period".

+1 to this. This idea has been suggested multiple times without any solid
response and I am not aware of any alternate methods to deal with the issues
of regenerating cached data.

Even releasing the first planet as dual-licensed would work for many of the
concerns. It would allow consumers to put off switching until *after* they
had reloaded their databases and had a chance to recache data.

Disclaimer: This comes from my perspective as a data consumer, not as a DWG

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