[Osmf-talk] Dual Licensing (was Re: ODbL switchover at SOTM, bad idea)

Simon Poole simon at poole.ch
Sun Sep 2 08:21:55 UTC 2012

Am 02.09.2012 03:35, schrieb Paul Norman:
> +1 to this. This idea has been suggested multiple times without any solid
> response and I am not aware of any alternate methods to deal with the issues
> of regenerating cached data.
> Even releasing the first planet as dual-licensed would work for many of the
> concerns. It would allow consumers to put off switching until *after* they
> had reloaded their databases and had a chance to recache data.
The main reason that this hasn't got a response is because the use case 
is just not clear.

- what is going to happen rsn is that the system admins will produce a 
new planet dump and the OSMF will start distributing that and the diffs 
relative to it under ODBL
- it will only effect data consumers that import that planet file and 
consume the diffs (you are not affected to the point in time you 
actually import the ODBL licenced data)
- if you don't actually publish ("publicly convey") your database and/or 
produced works you don't even have to reimport
- if you have generated tiles from a CC-by-SA planet and don't want 
purge them from the cache you can simply continue to distribute the 
tiles with a CC-by-SA licence (this is btw what I believe the  OSMF is 
going to do)

I'm not quite sure what positive effect dual licensing would achieve 
given the above.


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