[Osmf-talk] ODbL switchover at SOTM, bad idea

Michael Collinson mike at ayeltd.biz
Tue Sep 11 11:47:34 UTC 2012

On 11/09/2012 13:14, Nick Hocking wrote:
> Paul wrote
> "Also, as an aside someone could effectively get the last ODbL planet 
> as CC
> BY-SA by taking the last planet from August and applying diffs to it."
> Does this mean that there are actually three actions necessary to 
> complete the license change.
> 1)  Mark the next (and subsequent) planet dumps as single license (ODbL).
> 2) Mark diffs as single license  (ODbL).
> 3) Get OpenStreetMap website to state that it's open license is a 
> single one (ODbL).
> Does anyone know when the last two are planned for, my understanding 
> for the first is hopefully in a couple of days.

Yes, there will need to be an exact time/date announced that will 
coincide with the next planet dump publication.  At that moment,  the 
live database will ODbL and so any diffs extracted from it will also be 
ODbL-published.  Yes, hopefully in a couple of days.  Planets are 
normally published Thursday I believe.  As I think Paul is saying, 
anyone who has their own copy of the database and is running diffs now 
has a clean CC-BY-SA database provided that they shut off the diffs 
before or just before the moment we switch. I believe there was talk of 
changing the URL for the diffs so that any unattended download will cut 
automatically ... someone on the technical side may be able to confirm that.

FYI, for anyone interested, Harry Wood has now posted our collective 
TODO list on the OSM wiki: http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/ODbL/TODO


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