[Osmf-talk] Financing the OSMF

Steve Singer steve at ssinger.info
Mon Aug 26 23:18:57 UTC 2013

On Mon, 26 Aug 2013, Simon Poole wrote:

> I believe the issue is clear, we need a medium to long term model for
> financing the OSMF. My personal favourite solution would be to balance
> out our fixed costs with a similar amount of fixed income. Based on the,
> not unreasonable, feeling that it is relatively easy to get donations
> for hardware, asking the same to cover insurance is likely not to work.

Why do you think a donation drive to cover the 2014 operating costs 
wouldn't work? I suspect many of the people who donate more than trivial 
amounts during these donation drives realize that the insurance, 
deprecation, and other administration expenses are important and that the 
money needs to come from somewhere.

> Assuming further that we are not going to change our business model, our
> only potential source of such fixed income are our membership fees, and
> given that we would rather lower, than increase such fees for
> individuals, that leaves fees for corporate membership as the only
> source of such income.

What benefits do you see us granting corporate members to entice them to 
donate? If the answer is 'none' then I don't see this as any any different 
than a company clicking on the 'donate' button today outside of hardware 
earmarked donation drive.   Maybe we need to do a better job of giving big 
donors more recognition than $50 donors.


> But, as I wrote above, maybe there are other viable scenarios and ideas.
> If you have such, please bring them to the table.
> Simon
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