[Osmf-talk] Financing the OSMF

Paul Norman penorman at mac.com
Tue Aug 27 23:01:22 UTC 2013

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> Subject: Re: [Osmf-talk] Financing the OSMF
> I've been following this discussion closely.  I'm nervous about
> accepting money from corporations however necessary it may be sometimes.
> It must always be considered carefully.  Personally I don't think
> corporations should be given a vote and I don't think money should
> buy influence.   If they want to give money to show their support or to
> gain greater visibility at SOTM or similar event then fine.  It should
> be made clear up front what any donations give them.
> Like Kate I feel more can be got from National or Super-National
> organisations from Governments to the UN, EU or other regional
> organisations such as the Arab League etc.  All of these organisations
> have remits to help and support their areas of interest and will have
> budgets to do that. OSM can underpin and is underpinning many global or
> local efforts.  We need to approach them.

Well, governments may also want to influence OSM as well. Think contested 
areas. I'd actually be more nervous about government influence.

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