[Osmf-talk] Financing the OSMF

Mark Obrembalski mark at obrembalski.de
Wed Aug 28 09:16:01 UTC 2013

On 27.08.2013 21:27, Jonathan wrote:
> I've been following this discussion closely.  I'm nervous about
> accepting money from corporations however necessary it may be
> sometimes.  It must always be considered carefully.  Personally I don't
> think corporations should be given a vote and I don't think money should
> buy influence.

I agree that money shouldn't be able to buy influence on OSMF, and we 
have to keep in mind that when deciding about the financing of OSMF. I 
don't think, however, that corporate donations per se pose a greater 
risk of undue influence than other sources of funding. Governments, 
international organisations, foundations, and private persons have 
interests, too, and may want to buy influence on OSMF.

In my opinion, the best strategy to avoid certain donors/sponsors to 
influence OSMF is not to rely on a few big sources of income but on a 
great number of small ones. Increasing the number of ordinary members 
looks most interesting regarding this aspect.

Mark Obrembalski

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