[Osmf-talk] Paid Mapping / WikiPR like issues in OSM?

Michael Kugelmann MichaelK_OSM at gmx.de
Tue Dec 3 21:31:33 UTC 2013

On 29.11.2013 09:50, Frederik Ramm wrote:

I was thinking some time about Frederik's Mail. And I still don't have a 
clear and firm opinion.
> And yes, "selective mapping" is one aspect of what I was thinking about
> when I talked about trees and patches of grass but only on some places
> and not others.
Have a look at Girona where the town offered their tree register to OSM 
and which was imported short befpre the SOTM there (and made some mobile 
apps crash after the huge amout of data).
If selective means "local in an area" then for me this is not so 
uncommon: the biggest part of the mappers are selective in regard to the 
location(s) they map.

> It is ground truth, and mappers are allowed to be selective too -
> question is, is "organised selectiveness" somehow different from
> "individual selectiveness".
I think if there is a commecial aspect behind it could be crucial (does 
not automatically mean "yes there is a bad background", but the danger 
is higher): companies normally tend to spend money and want some benefit 
/ return of investment...

> And of course the question remains, would we expect your hypothetical
> company PC to declare their interest ("we've been hired by Supermarket-A
> to map their branches and we're using the following accounts"), or would
> we not care. Individuals don't need to declare their interests or
> affiliations - would we expect more from organisations?
What I could think about is that we ask all mappers who get paid to put 
this information on their user page. Mybe by the community guidelines.

Best regards,

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