[Osmf-talk] Losing faith

Harry Wood mail at harrywood.co.uk
Tue Jan 15 02:06:36 UTC 2013

> On the same day I asked the management team for access again. It's a request I've been making repeatedly for the last 96 days.

I think I heard indirectly about you requesting this at some point. You know full well CWG is managing this stuff, so I don't know why you wouldn't make the request repeatedly to CWG. Why would you kick up a massive "losing faith" fuss on this list before emailing communication@ directly about this issue? It reminds me of the time I put out a blog post about the ESRI donation, and you sent an email to this list stirring up a massive row about the constitution of the OSMF and how CWG were taking outrageous decisions to keep things secret  ...when you could have just emailed me to ask.

> Today, the CWG has at last made a decision. Nobody is to be allowed access.

We chatted briefly about twitter access today.
It didn't seem sensible to share the password with more people at this time, because of the obvious lack of security and accountability that such a set-up entails, but also because I wasn't aware that anyone was all that fussed. Didn't particularly realise we were discussing a request from you. 

> To tweet, you have to email CWG, wait a week, they will then consider your tweet and may or may not tweet it.

Well no. If you think we've missed some exciting news which needs tweeting, email us or IRC us and we'll put out a tweet. We have been endeavouring to post relevant news in a timely manner on the @openstreetmap twitter account. We're also trying to maintain a balanced reasonable frequency of posts, keeping things "on message" for the OSMF, and writing posts in a particular "voice". Then again we don't sweat it too much. We might well miss some news which is deserving of a tweet, so yeah an email or IRC suggestion could be useful. If there's something which is controversial or problematic in some other way, we might have to discuss it first.

> I've emailed Simon and the board to find out whether this is also their policy before I become extremely public, negative and personal about the issue.

ooookkkk.  So like I say. Little bit surprised you haven't emailed communication@ directly about this.

As we discussed in this evening's CWG meeting (*) we are aware there are some systems for federating access to the twitter account (such that we don't share the one single password with lots of people) and perhaps including some workflow for authorising of tweets. Could be a positive way forwards. Perhaps somebody has suggestions/experiences of this? But there's a bit of work involved in deciding the best way to do these things. Not high on priority list, because the current approach seemed adequate ...But since you asked so nicely Steve, I'm sure we'll move this up our list of things to discuss again.


* Just three of us meeting today. CWG is a bit short of manpower. If anyone else is interested in volunteering for this, you'll get the respect and admiration of everyone except Steve it seems. Apparently he's "losing faith".
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