[Osmf-talk] Losing faith

Richard Fairhurst richard at systemeD.net
Tue Jan 15 20:48:29 UTC 2013

Steve Coast wrote:
> The answer that came back is absurd. Emailing a group to consider
> sending a tweet at their weekly meeting

As I said earlier:

> As per the e-mail I sent last night, we (CWG) will aim to agree any
> requests by e-mail - i.e. if you or anyone requests something by
> e-mailing CWG, we will aim to agree it there and then. Having it as
> a standing agenda item on the weekly meeting is a fallback in case
> it slips through the cracks. You quite rightly made the point (at
> the previous board meeting) that a system was needed to make sure
> correspondence wasn't forgotten about, and this standing agenda item
> is a way of doing exactly that, as a direct response to your
> suggestion.


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