[Osmf-talk] Phasing out Google services

Oleksiy Muzalyev oleksiy.muzalyev at bluewin.ch
Thu Sep 19 07:42:14 UTC 2013

When I listened to speeches at the OSM conference in San Francisco in
June 2013, even I could understand that there are some incredibly smart
and talented people behind this project. Without whom it will not work.

Now, when the project becomes big, when there are articles on the CNN
about it, there should be at least a perfunctory effort to protect their

If the list of names and addresses of the OSMF must be public, then it
could be, say, in non-searchable non-machine-readable PDF format.

I do not worry about Google or NSA personnel. These are nice educated
people. But we saw in reality that there are rogue contractors who could
sell documents to newspapers or some other obscure unknown bodies.

Privacy and security is always a compromise. It is not possible to work
in an organization without identities, and the concern about privacy and
competition is also understandable.

I agree that there should be an effort to work out a compromise.


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