[Osmf-talk] Phasing out Google services

Frederik Ramm frederik at remote.org
Thu Sep 19 20:38:13 UTC 2013


On 19.09.2013 20:51, Ivo Stankov wrote:
> I welcome the general discussion about alternatives to all Google
> products and fully agree that OSMF should move to open alternative
> projects analogous to the OSM project itself.
> Still, I think the most urgent issue is to switch the "normal users"
> regisration form that collects the members' sensitive data away from
> GDocs and towards any other online web-form solution.

There are two classes of reasons why you would not want to fill out this

Number one is: You don't want to interact with the Google platform using
your browser because you don't want to be tracked in any way.

Number two is: You don't want your personal data to be kept in documents
on the Google platform.

Against number one, the simple remedy is to ask someone else to fill out
the form for you. If you are a normal member and want to remain one,
give someone your first name, last name, two lines of address, city,
postal code, country, and email address, and ask that other person to
fill in the form for you.

Against number two, there is to remedy because as long as OSMF does not
have a strict non-GDoc policy, it is very likely that even if your data
was submitted through a different channel, it would end up in a Google
spreadsheet sooner or later anyway. I'd be happy to offer you to accept
your questionnaire response per email but it would just be window
dressing, your data would very likely end up in Google's belly anyway.

If at all possible, let's not make a big issue out of this now because
we can't just stop using Google today. Let's do it without haste.


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