[Osmf-talk] How to vote to match your view

Julian Tait julian.tait at me.com
Mon Dec 1 21:23:11 UTC 2014

Having been a regular member for the last two years I am relatively new to this - although not new to governance matters within charitable and not-for-profit organisations

It is really important to have a means of voting new members on to the board but this needs to be done so that continuity is maintained within the board environment and skills and experience are encouraged. Although I understand the need for a healthy and vital board, I believe that SR1 and SR2 are blunt and potentially damaging, especially when you have an ordinary resolution that seeks to implement those changes within 90 days. There are ways that could be seen to be fairer and more balanced around board rotation and the ability to re-stand for election.

As far as encouraging people to understand and participate in the running of OSMF I feel that unless you have been with the organisation for a very long time you do have to dig deep to uncover how and why things operate they way they do.


Julian Tait

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