[Osmf-talk] Upcoming Special General Meeting Opinions?

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Wed Dec 3 19:05:07 UTC 2014

When you point to presidents or heads of state as good examples that term
limits are widely used, then I'd like to point out that within the OSMF
board we're not talking about a single person with all the power.


The board contains various people of (hopefully) various backgrounds, so
there is some form of balance within the board.


Again looking at more similar organisations (WikiMedia Foundation, OSGeo,
FOSSGIS), they all have no term-limits mentioned in their articles / bylaws.


So, if you take the examples like the president of the USA, then we should
limit the years that someone can be chairperson.


Again, I'm not saying we should have them; but it's the way how it is


During the 2 years that Simon was chairperson, I have never heard of him
that this was a problem. And now we need to do immediately this "for the
sake of the Foundation"? I really don't get it. 


Especially with this unbalanced proposal. It's written to shut people out,
not to give new people a chance. It's written when emotions were running
high; never a good moment to do these things.


And I'm all for discussing if and how we should implement term limits. Just
like I suggested in the last board meeting. 





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Look to some countries where there is no effective term limit and same
president comes back like Terminator - no organisation wants to be like them
for sure.

I think you should take that back ;-)


Yes, sorry for confusion. I did not meant he countries you mention. I
thought it is obvious that I meant another semi-European country which has
nominal 2-term limit, but no reset. So they have a guy who is nominally
resigning after 8 years, then points a puppet for one term, and then comes
back for another 8 years enjoying 100% population support, no opposition
(who is in prison, murdered or fleed the country), despite of not doing any
good for his country: economic regression, political repressions, military
actions (wars) with neighbor countries etc.




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