[Osmf-talk] Upcoming Special General Meeting Opinions?

Paul Norman penorman at mac.com
Thu Dec 4 01:26:29 UTC 2014

On 12/3/2014 5:18 PM, Henk Hoff wrote:
> Especially with this unbalanced proposal. It’s written to shut people 
> out, not to give new people a chance. It’s written when emotions were 
> running high; never a good moment to do these things.
> Since you are dissatisfied with how SR1 and SR2 implement term limits, 
> specifically how would you change them?
> /“If it ain’t broken, don’t fix it”. /
> /Kate, Kathleen, Dermot and me have all mentioned that this resolution 
> does not fix the problems we currently have. When I’m interpreting 
> Olivers spares responses right, he too./
> /Yes, we seen a huge debate with lots (false) accusations and innuendo 
> around the time of the elections. It has hurt the project massively. 
> And it still goes on. Comments like “//… it is very likely that the 
> board will implement placebo limits that only serve to pacify their 
> electorate and have no real effect.//” is just plain old FUD. And it 
> is especially disturbing since it’s coming from a former chairman. /
> /Like I mentioned before: my advice is: vote no to these resolutions. 
> Start a proper investigation into the problems that have been 
> manifested in the board in order to come up with a durable solution./
Henk, you appear to have missed the question. You are claiming these AoA 
changes have flaws in how they implement term limits. I'm asking, how 
would you implement term limits differently, with specifics. You have 
replied with an argument against term limits at all - which was 
different than my question.
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