[Osmf-talk] ballot results unofficial

Florian Schäfer florian at schaeferban.de
Sun Dec 7 18:47:56 UTC 2014

Am 07.12.2014 um 18:40 schrieb Rich:
> On 07/12/14 19:33, Marc Zoutendijk wrote:
>> Dear List,
>> Richard Weait <richard at weait.com> wrote:
>>> 110 valid votes were registered
>> Nearly 2,000,000 registered users
>> of which
>> nearly 500,000 are active mappers 
>> and only 
>> 600 are a member of the OSMF  [1]
>> and only 
>> 110 of those members found it necessary to vote!   
> please keep in mind that only regular members were able to vote this
> time, associate members would have to have converted in regular members.
> that probably didn't account for hundreds of votes, but i'd expect a few
> to be caused by that requirement.
Yes, and the slowliness of the registration caused at least my vote to
be neglected.
I applied for a membership on November 10th and was accepted yesterday
(!). I then immediately applied for a "normal" membership instead of the
default "associate" membership, that was accepted today at 11:46 UTC.
That was sadly 46 minutes too late :-(.
Additionally the expiration date of my membership was set to the date of
my application plus one year. That means, my membership lasts
effectively only 11 months due to the delay between registration and


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