[Osmf-talk] Local Chapter application: Iceland

Peter Barth osm at won2.de
Wed Dec 10 23:28:24 UTC 2014


Paul Norman schrieb:
> > For consultation and as part of due
> > diligence we are asking the OSMF community for comments on the
> > application.

I noticed your question but I didn't feel addressed. And I
suppose others feel the same :) Anyway, I generally like the idea
of local chapters and therefore a local chapter for Iceland. From
what I can tell the documents supplied look good.

However, I have two notes:
1. Most of us won't be able to pronounce the name ;)
2. "2.gr." has a typo, I guess chairmain is chairman (And I'd 
   change it some day so that the board is allowed to assign 
   someone else, too)

A happy local chapter! And many new members for you, Iceland ;)



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