[Osmf-talk] Help wanted: Running the election

Michael Collinson mike at ayeltd.biz
Sun Nov 2 10:03:38 UTC 2014

I earlier made a posting in which I made a personal goal of increasing 
the number of folks helping the OSMF in some way from roughly 25 to 75 
by the end of 2015.  This is my start.  I have no "official" sanction to 
do this, this is my own Just Do It project. But, OSMF elections are 
coming up very quickly.  The board is focused on organisation.  They 
have also made a commitment to run this as STV, Single Transferable 
Vote, which is very exciting ... but a first. So I think they need 
help.  I have spoken to Dermot McNally, the tasked board member, and he 
is happy. He is also a genuinelly nice guy.

Please email Dermot or myself if you can help with any of the 
following.  I personally really, really want to hear from you if you 
have done nothing active for the OSMF before. There is no long term 
commitment.  No special skills required. Just enthusiasm.

(1) Are you going to SOTM?  An extra pair of hands helping with the 
logistics of the election will be greatly appreciated.

(2) A second election observer. Join Richard Weait, a true gentleman, 
(and not just because he is from Canada). You can do all this from 
home.  You will be CC'd on all email regarding election running and can 
ask questions or comment if you want.  You will also be asked to verify 
the final count.

(3)  You can do all this from home.  All this STV stuff is new for us 
and requires configuring and managing two sets of software.  If you 
would like to get involved with Dermot, let him know. It will great to 
have some one to share the knowledge, (and probably a few teething 
problems!).  System admin skills may be a nice extra but not necessary I 

If you help us and like it, I think there is a great opportunity for 
setting up a small informal team across different OSM-related bodies to 
run elections.  I have helped HOT and OpenStreetMap US as an observer 
and, at the moment, are they more organised than we are.


PS Coming Soon.  There will be more info on or under 
http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/OSMF/DoItTeam  ... probably late 
Sunday Europe time. But right now, well, I am going out mapping.

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