[Osmf-talk] election / vote pre-announcement.

Richard Weait richard at weait.com
Mon Nov 3 04:22:11 UTC 2014


All voters should have received an email today from Dermot. Please
check your filters if you haven't seen it.  The email confirms which
form of voting member you are listed as, either "Associate Member" or
"Member".  "Member" is also sometimes known as "Normal Member" or
"Regular Member".

If you have not received that email, and you are a Member or Associate
Member, please contact dermot, and the membership secretary[1] as soon
as possible.  Please be aware that new memberships are subject to an
initial 30-day period in which they may not vote.  If your membership
is as new as 30 days, you have been left off the voter list
deliberately because of this rule.

If you received the email, and either your Membership type is
incorrect, or you wish to change it  before the vote, do that now as

There were a small number of bounce notices when Dermot sent the email
earlier today.  If that might be you, again, please contact Dermot and
Henk. [1]

In all of the above cases, the plan is to have the voter lists
corrected and ready shortly.  Your assistance and patience are surely

Once Dermot and Henk have had a chance to correct and finalize the
lists, voters will be sent by email(s) links for two or three votes.
I am uncertain of the links will be in a single email or one link per
email. We can both find out when we get the email, or when Dermot
corrects me.

Associate Members and Members both get the STV Ballot to elect members
to the OpenStreetMap Foundation Board.  The eight candidate names will
be presented in a random order. The voter may select their most
favoured to least favoured candidates, and place them in order of

Associate Members and Members both get a Yes / No vote on the
Membership fee waiver decision.  The Membership fee waiver vote
requires a 50%+1 yes vote to pass.

Only Members will get the third opportunity to vote on three Special
Resolutions. Associate Members are not entitled to vote on Special
Resolutions.  Each of the three Special Resolutions will permit a Yes
/ No Vote.  Each Special Resolution requires a 75% yes vote to pass.

Best regards and happy mapping, and happy voting,


[1]   dermot at osmfoundation.org
henk.hoff at osmfoundation.org

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