[Osmf-talk] Thank you from OSMF

Frederik Ramm frederik at osmfoundation.org
Sun Nov 9 18:38:05 UTC 2014


   it occurs to me that we (the board) haven't yet explicitly thanked
Matt and Simon, who have left the board after 3 respectively 2 years of
service. So here it is: Thank you both, for your time and the hard work
you put in, and we hope that you'll continue to contribute to OSM and/or
OSMF in other roles in the future!

Thank you also to those who stood for election and weren't elected.
Please do not think that just because you didn't make the threshold,
your help is not wanted! The opposite is the case, and it would be great
to see you continue with your enthusiasm to move the project forward.


Frederik Ramm
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