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> >I'm sure Simon Poole will jump in at some point
> Actually I wont. You've done an excellent job of answering the questions.
> l just want to point out that the way the three resolutions would work if
> accepted would not affect any board members below the limit and there is
> enough time built in for any necessary handover.
To be clear about this: am I correct that Henk and Oliver would be the ones

1. I like the idea Mikel had about clearly stating a single term limit of
two years.
2. I would like to see the 2014 financials on the agenda of the next GM
3. I guess the words 'can be' in the resolution on term limit reset
should either be set to 'is', either a decision mechanism should be
introduced to decide on 'can be'.
4. I don't understand why the board needs 7 people. Given the amount of
work on the board it should be possible to get the board down to 4 or 5
people. Which will more suit the amount of work, the effectiveness and
lower the cost of a face-to-face meeting

I would not mind giving the current board several weeks to come up with a
proposal on a change of the AoA regarding the term limit, the number of
directors and a proposal for a GM early 2015 including the 2014 financials.

Cheers, Johan

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