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Jonathan Harley jon at spiffymap.net
Fri Nov 14 13:34:31 UTC 2014

Yes, of course anyone who takes the trouble to pay up and join the OSMF 
cares about the OSMF. That's about 600 of us, then.

Personally, I haven't contributed to the acrimonious debate about board 
size and term limits partly because of the tone of the debate, but 
mostly because I have absolutely no confidence that tinkering with those 
details is going to fix the problems with OSMF.

I've yet to even hear a clearly stated argument about what IS wrong with 
OSMF, apart from Steve's suggestion that the board are "thinking too 
small", which seems very plausible. I've heard no convincing argument 
that reducing the board size or introducing term limits will help, and 
obviously they would harm continuity, with the potential to be 
disastrous if we reach the situation where nobody well qualified is 
actually allowed to stand. So as it stands, I'm likely to vote against 
any resolution at the EGM; I prefer the status quo, where I get to vote 
for the best candidates available without limitation.

Those are my reasons for not contributing; I can only guess that other 
people's might very well be similar. People who prefer the status quo 
often keep quiet.


On 14/11/14 08:05, Andy Robinson wrote:
> “It's possible that 90% of the OSMF membership don't care at all about 
> the OSMF” Possible? no I doubt that very much. If one decides to be a 
> member of the OSMF I believe one is likely to have a very caring 
> interest, otherwise why bother?
> Rather than a member of the choir from this outlook I’d say you were 
> acting like the preacher.
> Cheers
> Andy

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