[Osmf-talk] OSMF Members Request for a General Meeting

Simon Poole simon at poole.ch
Sat Nov 15 00:41:55 UTC 2014

Am 15.11.2014 01:04, schrieb Steve Coast:
> Supporting shorter term limits, which I do, isn’t the same thing as "remove all the people Simon dislikes in a few weeks”.
> For example, members could be allowed to finish their terms.

As has been pointed out many many times the OSMF does not have terms for
the board in any conventional sense. The period between re-relections
can and has been from 2 to 4 elections. None of the incumbent board
members that would be subject to the term limit in the next elections is
outside of this range. There is no question of cutting anything short,
at least not more than the couple of months difference due to moving the
GM forward if that gets excepted.

 For example, it could be staggered in. For example, it could be done at
the end of this board term.

There are no board terms and there would not be an inordinate number of
seats free, actually just the same as the past electiom.

> Instead, we have a fairly transparent effort to remove a bunch of good people.

Well the good thing is that you now are at least admitting in public
what the -real- cause for the problems has been over the last two years.


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