[Osmf-talk] 2014 AGM AoA revision

Simon Poole simon at osmfoundation.org
Wed Oct 1 11:44:52 UTC 2014

As announced earlier the board will be proposing (note that no
resolution to such an effect has been passed yet) some further minor
changes to the articles of association at this years AGM.

Please find an amended version of the articles here:

The changes are limited to paragraphs 31, 35 and 85. New text is bold,
deleted text is struck out.

These changes do not address:

- asset lock down: not enough feedback and interest

- full electronic voting: in discussion with counsel it was suggested
that we might want to morph to a fully virtual/online organisation, this
however needs some more thought.

The changes will be proposed as three separate special resolutions. Only
regular members will be able to vote on them.

I expect that we will be seeing a schedule for SOTM 2014 and the AGM soon.


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