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Simon Poole simon at poole.ch
Thu Oct 16 16:38:51 UTC 2014

Hi Paul

Both the expense account and the SOTM costs are opaque to the board
members not directly involved in finances and SOTM organisation so there
is no quick way to check.

As a result it would be speculation to even assume that there are SOTM
related travel expenses at all.

Please note that I realize this is not an ideal situation from a
transparency point of view, it is simply the current board continuing
with the policies of the previous ones.

I do however want to point out that the question of expenses is not
simply black and white. As far as I know most of the board members do
not claim expenses for their OSMF related activities, leading to the
situation that more transparency would lead to singling individuals out
which is something, at least I, would prefer not to do.

Fixing this would essentially require us to all claim expenses which
would clearly stress our budget more than it already is. I could argue
that this is perhaps the done thing anyway, since the current situation
hides (at least relative to our current budget) significant costs in the
pockets of the individual board members.


Am 16.10.2014 17:13, schrieb Paul Norman:
> I was looking at the income statement for 2012, and I was wondering if
> conference-related travel expenses are accounted under Travel and
> Accommodation or under Conference Costs.
> Obviously, there are reasonable expenses associated with travel and
> lodging when organizing an international conference, it's just important
> to be transparent about what they are. Any travel must be economy class,
> but the expense policy
> (http://wiki.osmfoundation.org/wiki/Finances#Expenditure) doesn't
> mention lodging, which is probably an oversight.
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