[Osmf-talk] Modus operandi of the board

Sarah Hoffmann lonvia at denofr.de
Tue Oct 21 08:25:04 UTC 2014

Dear OSMF board,

while checking the candidate list for the upcoming board elections, I came
across Frederik's maifesto here:


This sheds some rather bad light on how the board operates, indicating that
some of the practises border on the illigal. I understand that this is the
individual opinion of a single board member but I believe it is important
that such accusations are discussed because I don't see how the board can
operate efficiently otherwise. It is even more important in the light of
the upcoming elections. Reading this manifesto indicates that there is
little point in standing for election as there is nothing but frustration
to achieve in the board.

Therefore, I would appreciate if all the individual board members could
shortly address the points raised by Frederik. Do you agree with his
accounts and why? Why do you think it would be benificial to stand for
elections to the board?

In addition, I'd like the responsible board members to explain why it
is common practice to withhold financial and member information from
other board members.

Again, I'm not interested in an official board statement but in the 
individual opinions of the people a potential new board member would
have to work with.

Looking forward to your answers.


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