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Oleksiy Muzalyev oleksiy.muzalyev at bluewin.ch
Tue Oct 21 09:35:14 UTC 2014

Hello Sarah,

The main purpose of the Law is to protect the society. The literal
adherence to the law is often not possible as the law is always a bit
behind the ever-changing life on purpose.

We all may from time to time border on the illegal while crossing a
street in a wrong place (if there is no traffic around and no crossing
in sight), or downloading a song from Internet inadvertently, etc.

The law, speaking figuratively, is watching ever-changing reality for
patterns of social danger. And if there is a persistent social danger in
a new phenomenon, only then the law acts against it. There are still
heavy punishments in store for those who behave dangerously in traffic, etc.

In my opinion, it makes sense not only to watch that every step is made
in accordance legal regulations, but also to act in good faith, in
accordance with moral standards, and having in mind the public good. I
think it is an exercise in futility to seek out minor "legal" violations.

However, as the proverb says, "Solve one problem, and you keep a hundred
others away." Returning to the issue of diversity, numerous scientific
studies indicate a possible value of diverse teams [1]. And if this
issue is solved (with time), the solution will continue to work in
future, also when there are other people on board.

Best regards,


On 21.10.2014 10:25, Sarah Hoffmann wrote:
> ...indicating that some of the practises border on the illigal. .... Why do you think it would be benificial to stand for
> elections to the board?

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