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Well said

I think business wants to engage with OSM but struggles to understand how it can do that. Some of our attitudes and responses may have been discouraging to say the least but that is the choice of the community as represented by the OSMF board that they have voted for.

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> Hello,
> I by no means know all of the details of what Steve's various
> initiatives and even less so any personal interactions that might have
> lead to hostility or misunderstandings.
> But I would like to understand a bit more of why you would consider his
> initiatives as (hostilely) competitive.
> Again, with the (perceived) drive to keep OSMF as minimal as possible
> and only focus on core mappers, it leaves a lot of room for other
> organizations to take over important roles. My (personal) impression has
> been that when ever you suggest some initiative or project the "default
> response" of the OSMF is, that that is outside of the scope of the OSMF
> and go and do it your self and organize your own resources to do it
> with. This sounds like exactly what Steve has done. There is undoubtedly
> a need for OSM as a whole to engage the business community and give a
> platform for the commercial and business side to work together, express
> their opinions and desires and fine solutions that work for them within
> the constraints of the license and general community centric mapping of OSM.
> Given that OSMF in the past has repeatedly expressed the view that they
> aren't the appropriate venue for that, and if I am not mistaken
> Frederik, you hold that view rather strongly your self, I don't see why
> Steve's initiatives would perse be considered competition rather than
> complementary.
> Now this extreme minimalistic and libertarian view of OSM(F) no doubt
> also has its merits, but then the OSMF has to find ways to
> constructively work with the various private / commercial or other
> organizations that spring into life to fulfill the void that OSMF
> deliberately leaves.
> Kai

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