[Osmf-talk] The role of face-to-face meetings in the future of the OSMF board

Frederik Ramm frederik at remote.org
Mon Oct 27 09:28:39 UTC 2014


On 10/27/2014 08:38 AM, Christian Quest wrote:
> 2014-10-26 23:27 GMT+01:00 Frederik Ramm <frederik at remote.org
> <mailto:frederik at remote.org>>:
>     It's nice if we have directors whose employers or companies
>     pay for the trip but we can't assume that to be the case.
> This creates a real conflict of interest problem... 
> Why a company would pay a trip for one of its employee to attend a non
> profit organization meeting if nothing is expected on return ?

In fact, this goes even further. I would not be surprised if many
employment contracts contain rules about the employee not, even in their
spare time, doing things that would harm the employer's business. So if
you work with a company that is at all map related or even OSM related,
and if the board discusses something that could harm your business, then
you an really get into trouble, and it requires a lot of discipline to
detect and declare such conflicts of interest.

Conflicts of interest cannot always be avoided but if they are detected
and declared then they can be dealt with properly, for example by the
affected board member abstaining from a discussion/vote.

> Why not take advantage of SOTM to stay 2 more days to work together ?
> This is also the good timing as new board members have just been
> elected. This allows them to immediately get involved in the board, know
> the other board members in person without delay and share work.

In the past it was unusual for board members to claim expenses for
visiting SOTM
(http://www.osmfoundation.org/wiki/Board_Meeting_Minutes_2013-03-20 says
that no single board member claimed expenses for Tokyo or Denver even
though those were inter-continental trips for most). Holding an F2F at
SOTM would likely change that, and there would also be the strange
situation of election candidates having access to expense reimbursement
if they get elected, but not so if they're not. This could hold back the
less affluent from "risking" the trip.

Not saying it's not doable (I think the board often had "mini meetings"
during the breaks at SOTM or such), but it's not necessarily a money
saving option.


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