[Osmf-talk] Moderator statement: please read before posting

Michael Collinson mike at ayeltd.biz
Thu Oct 30 08:01:42 UTC 2014

I have had a member request (slightly paraphrased!). "Given the 
scatalogical-storm on the osmf lists, you might consider using your 
moderation powers to try to cool things off a bit?"

The OSM project, and by extension the all-volunteer OSMF support 
project, depends on folks participating because we want to  and because, 
measured in our own terms, we have fun. Whoever we are. Whatever we do.

So, it is now time for the sun to shine.  Any argument/fierce debate can 
be very useful if we move onto a compromise, consent and decision phase. 
I want this list to do this now.

Hold off from posting if you can; posting volume down please. Otherwise, 
please limit what you want to say to summaries that are postive and 
forward, not backward, looking. Whether you are a principal player or 
not, please completely refrain from attacking or making negative remarks 
about others.

Beyond that, I am extremely reluctant to go further.  I am not neutral 
as I myself am not a blameless person in this whole thing, (personal 
statement separately). However if you feel more specific intervention is 
required. Please contact me privately.


*Ancient, half-forgotten OSM rule:

*Rule 1: Have Fun!

*Translation of mysterious runic inscription found by me in a remote 
Swedish forest:*

Rule 2: Every list contribution should be at least twice as positive as 
it is negative.
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