[Osmf-talk] Handling OSMF finances going forward

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2014-10-31 9:26 GMT+01:00 Frederik Ramm <frederik at remote.org>:

> Johan,
> On 10/30/2014 11:02 PM, Johan & Marguerite wrote:
> > I would be happy to advise the new board on
> > governance (both financial and non-financial), since I have a background
> > in accountancy & controlling.
> I think that waiting for a new board to contact you and ask for your
> expertise is perhaps sub-optimal. I would encourage anyone who has good
> ideas or a perspective about what could be done better to air them here
> in the open, for other members to see and discuss.
Both ways can be joined. Since logically I can't decide on governance the
board will have to do that. I can advise, but it makes no sense for me to
advise without being sure the board is listening and interacting. An open
advisory process is fine, for example on a wiki page with any interested
OSMF member and maybe some Hangouts, also with any interested OSMF member.

> I'd be extra interested in hearing from people who already volunteer in
> other UK non-profits, and what measures their organisations take to
> ensure financial propriety.
> A volunteer auditor system, of course, would have the volunteer auditors
> reporting to the membership and not the board; they would be a body
> controlling the board, not advising the board.
> Would you also be available for a volunteer auditor position if one were
> created, or would your professional background prohibit you from doing
> that (I know that it is difficult for lawyers in Germany to voluntarily
> help out in matters that might touch their professional sphere, not
> without setting up a complex agreement at least)?
Most likely the size of OSMF will be too small for an audit under ISA 700
(lack of segregation of duties being part of that reason). A review (ISRE
2400) or a compilation (ISRS 4410) might fit better. Since I would for an
audit have to comply to ISA 700 it's indeed unlikely that I will be doing
an audit.

> One question that the new board will have to deal with is that we might
> have to change our schedule of making the financials available to the
> members. In one of the last messages before he left, Simon mentioned
> that he had read up on UK procedural issues and that it is likely we
> have circulate our financial accounts to the members *before* they are
> filed with Companies House; at least since SOTM moved to autumn, we've
> usually done that the other way round. This might also signal a
> decoupling of the GM (for which we usually publish the accounts) and
> SOTM, but I haven't looked into this at all, I'm just repeating
> something that Simon said.
> Bye
> Frederik
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